Zone 4 Open – Recap

The Zone 4 Open took place on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of April at the West Moreton Darts Association in Riverview, QLD.

Here is a full recap of results from the event:

Amanda Loch claimed victory in the Women’s singles event, defeating Vanessa James in a fantastic final.

The Men’s singles final was won by Jeremy Fagg, who defeated Matt Mullen in what was another brilliant game.

The singles event was not the only victory for Fagg over the weekend though, as he paired up with Jamie Rundle to claim the victory in the Mens Doubles event, defeating Keith Aldridge and Tony Shreeve in the final.

The runner up of the Men’s singles event, Matt Mullen also saw success in doubles action as he paired up with Lorraine Burn to claim victory in the Mixed Doubles final, defeating Mick Lacey and Vanessa James.

Finally, Vivia Matson and Sam Hailey claimed victory in the Ladies Doubles event, defeating Chrissy Sheerin and Jackie Marks in the final.

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