Tori Kewish targets return

With lockdown restrictions extended across Melbourne and parts of Victoria – DA Media checked in with No.1 ranked Australian gp women’s superstar Tori Kewish – about darts’ hiatus.

Asked how the pandemic has impacted her darts, the loss of social interaction amongst peers has been the Victorian’s biggest hurdle.

“It’s hard for me (lockdown) because I’m such a social person,” she said.

“Darts for me isn’t necessarily about the competition – it’s the atmosphere and being around my friends.”

“Darts at home isn’t the same for me, I haven’t been playing as much as I’d like to, purely so I don’t lose the joy of it when I do go back.”

“I try to throw every now and then, but I’m just keen to get back to normal, and get back to tournaments.”

The 23-year-old competed in the third Iso Challenge tournament last month – the first and only women’s player to compete in the online series.

“It was an incredible opportunity, I really enjoyed it,” Kewish said.

“I didn’t play as well as I’d hoped, but under the remote circumstances it’s harder to play your best game.”

“I played at Mal Cuming’s house each night, and it was good to get that exposure to help grow ladies’ darts.”

“It’s hard for us (women) to get the exposure that we’d like, but I think it’s slowly growing – which is great for the sport.”

Following a busy couple of years of tournaments on the world stage – the Geelong Dart Club member said she’s comfortable reflecting on the goals she’s already achieved in her young career – and aims to get back to playing post-Covid with a fresh career outlook.

“All my main goals I set for myself I feel I achieved over the past 12-months.”

“Competing at the BDO world championships was an ultimate goal that’s crossed off. I’ve represented Australia a few times, I’ve been shocked with the amount of things I’ve been able to do.”

“I haven’t thought much about what’s next, I’m just trying to maintain what I’m doing and hopefully when I do play for Australia I can win more medals and get better and better.”

“I haven’t set goals at the moment – but to get back to playing again.”