Statement Darts Australia

Darts Australia is aware of ongoing court proceedings involving former official Mr R. Bessell.

Mr Bessell has not been active in any capacity in the sport since late 2019, and as the matter is still before the court is unable to comment further.

Darts Australia is committed to safe-guarding and promoting the welfare of children in darts by providing a safe and inclusive environment, and has a zero tolerance to child abuse and neglect.

Darts Australia and its members are fully committed to the protection of children and indeed all members, players, officials, and volunteers.

In January 2022, Darts Australia adopted in conjunction with Sport Integrity Australia, the National Integrity Framework that includes a child safeguard policy amongst a suite of governance policies.

All people involved in sport must report conduct that may be considered prohibited conduct.

This can be done by completing the online form at:

or by calling the Sport Integrity: Hotline 1300 27232

All Darts Australia Sport Integrity Framework Policies can be found on our website here