South Australian Swiftflyte Classic – Recap

The South Australian Swiftflyte Classic has now wrapped up, and the event was a great success over the weekend. Here is a recap of the results from each event.

Starting with singles, the Men’s singles event was won by Ky Smith, who defeated Josh Kime 6-5 in the final.

Meanwhile, Amanda Loch took out the victory in the Ladies event, defeating Jo Hadley 5-4 in the final.

In the Men’s Doubles, Peter Machin and Aaron Morrison took out the win by defeating Matt Mullen and Josh Kime 6-5 in the final.

Kym Mitchell and Lyn Morrison won the Ladies Doubles event, defeating Melina Van Den Kieboom and Bec Heidke 5-4.

Finally, the WDF Bronze Youth event was won by Terence Morton, who defeated Olllie Wade 3-1 in the final.

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