Duo excited to be a part of World Cup side

Peter Machin and Kym Mitchell have been announced as the first Men and Ladies entrants of the Australian 2023 Darts World Cup team, joining youngsters Janiya Finlay, Kody Lane, Jack Spencer, and Terrence Morton in Denmark as part of the national team.

Machin was part of the all-conquering Australian World Cup Mens team of 2017 and is looking forward to resuming the battle with foes old and new, whilst Mitchell is looking forward to continuing the progress she has made as a player as she plays in the World Cup with and against some great players.

For now Mitchell is still overcoming the shock of the initial call.

“I was surprised and honoured when I was told that I was told of my position in the World Cup team. I have done a lot of hard work (and travel!) over the last 12 months and it felt good to be rewarded for all the work and the results I have gained over the last year.”

It may have been a surprise but she sounds up for the task.

“I am certainly looking forward to the World Cup in Denmark. It is going to be awesome to play against the best players in the world. I want to be a part of a team that makes Australia proud and I am up for that challenge. We are going to show the world what us Aussies are made of!”

Her team-mate Machin is delighted to have her alongside him in the team.

“Kym and Trent live about ten minutes from me. We have been training and competing and watching her play has been such a joy. After coming back from an injured finger New Zealand was a real challenge for her recently. It was so great to see her pull herself through and it shows the determination she will bring to the team in Denmark. I am stoked she is playing such good stuff and her ranking as world number eight is well deserved. She is going to be a key member of our Australian team.”

As for Mitchell she is excited to have Machin as part of the team as well.

“It is great to be able to be sharing this experience with my good friend and mixed double partner in Pete Machin. His experience will be vital and he will be part of the glue that holds the team firmly together.”

Machin is also looking forward to that aspect of the challenge:

“These days my head is more settled and I have a more mature approach to the game. The people who join will be phenomenal players, look at the depth of talent we have in Australia, I just hope I can share some of my experience with them, so we can all move forward together as a team.”

That is what the World Cup means to Machin, teamwork.

“This World Cup is bigger than ever before. When we won the World Cup in 2017 our team were all on the one page. It did not matter who was in front of us at the Oche we knew none of the team would let us down and we were not going to let them down. There are so many good players out there, WDF has so many members and so many good players you just don’t know who you will face so as a team you take on the challenge together and that is how you end up being crowned World Cup champions – together.”

As for their aims from the tournament, beyond winning it, Mitchell says:

“My aim is to play my best darts and hopefully that’s good enough to ensure we have success as a team. Either way I believe this experience is going to make me a stronger player.”

For Machin it is about being in the best place with his and his teammate’s darts so that not only the players but all of those involved in darts in Australia can be rewarded.

“You need to be positive where you are at and where your game is at. There are many great teams out there, even beyond the likes of England, Wales, Scotland and the Netherlands, the US and Sweden always have good battles against us and I am sure this tournament will be no different. We just need to be confident in our own game to carry us through. It is an honour to be a part of this team and I will be looking to reward those who have put their faith in me to play for Australia again, just as they have rewarded me for my hard work and results over the last 12 months.”

The remaining World Cup Australian team positions (three men and three ladies) will be announced at the conclusion of the Australian Championships at Moama in August. Whoever is part of this team will be excited to be able to play alongside Kym, Peter, Janiya, Kody, Jack, and Terrence.