Round 4 Wrap ISO Challenge 3

Round 4 Results – ISO Challenge 3

First match of night Tori Kewish v Mal Cuming . Mal lead after 2 games 2/0, however they were competitive games that could have gone either way .The third leg was the same with Tori have shots at the double however Mal pegged 83 to go 3/0 up. Mal took the match to go to a 4/0 lead . Mal pegged 119 to take the match . Mal played very well and his pegs were brilliant . Tori had a better match tonight , Mal 2×180, and Tori 1×180 . in all a good game .

Second Match features Justin Thompson & Jeremy Fagg both players will be looking for the win to keep them in the Points . Jeremy took first leg .Justin evened the score taking the second leg . The third leg was Justin’s and he went to a 2/1 lead going into the 4th leg. the 4th leg gave him a 3/1 lead over Jeremy . Jeremy came back to take the 5th leg and the match was now 3/2 to Justin.Jeremy evened the score and now it was all 3/3 all . Justin took the 7th leg to go to a 4/3 lead going into the 8th leg .Justin pegged 84 to take the win 5/3.

Final match for the night GG Mathers and Peter Machin .First leg to Peter .Gordon took the second leg the match went to 2/1 to Peter with Peter pegging the 3rd leg. Gordon pegged the 4th leg to bring the match to 2/2 all. Peter took the 5th leg to take the score line to 3/2. the score line moved to 3/3 with Gordon getting the win in 6th leg .Peter took the lead winning the 7th leg .score line now 4/2 to Peter .Peter took the win 5/3 .

On to Round five on Sunday night .

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