Results Juniors 2024

Results Juniors 2024

Victoria has scooped Pool taking out Champion State Overall 2024

Top 5 Girls Singles.

Top Six Boys Singles 2024

2024 Youth Masters Mitchell Galby WA & Janiya Finlay QLD Finalists Zane Kilroy Vic & Suzette Parker WA #Eaglesports #one80

Teams Events Winners Girls Queensland with Runners Up West Australia. Boys Victoria with Runners Up West Australia. Both Qld Girls and Victoria Boys went through undefeated. Victoria’s Boys backed up their win in the Roy Christopher Fours.

Boys Doubles Finalists Mitchell Galby /Terence Morton v Ollie Wade /Landon Key Winners Ollie Wade /Landon Key SA
Girls Doubles Finalists S Ugle/ D Bin Omara v B Pickett / S Parker. Winners s Ugle/ D Bin Omara WA.

Mixed Doubles Finalists Z Kilroy /L Ahotolu Vic v L Allen /S Spence NSW Winners Sophie Spence /Letrell Allen NSW

Mystery Mixed Doubles Desean Allen NSW & Taini Hoffman Vic

Australian Junior Championship


1. Ave 52.6 State QLD Janiya Finlay

2. Ave 46.2 State NSW Gemma Spence

3. Ave 44.2 State WA Suzette Parker

4. Ave 43.2 State SA Emily Jarvis

5. Ave 42.2 State QLD Amy Forrest

6. Ave 41.9 State WA Samara Ugle

7. Ave 41.3 State VIC Kody Lane

8. Ave 39.6 State WA Destiny Bin-Omar


Australian Junior Championships

1. Ave 68.2 State VIC Zane Kilroy

2. Ave 64.5 State WA Terence Morton

3. Ave 63.1 State SA Ollie Wade

4. Ave 62.4 State VIC Andrew Nielson

5. Ave 62.0 State SA Landon Key

6. Ave 61.7 State WA Mitchell Galby

7. Ave 60.6 State VIC Jacob Turvey

8. Ave 60.1 State TAS Murphy Mansfield

Australian Junior Championships

Rookie Girl – Destiny Bin-Omar WA

Rookie Boy – Jacob Turvey VIC

Encouragement Award

Girls – Lusiahntay Ahotolu VIC & Georgia Bunker SA

Champion Girl – Janiya Finlay QLD

Champion Boy – Zane Kilroy VIC

Boys – Elijah Wilks NSW

Roy Christopher Winners Victoria Boys Victoria Girls

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