Race to Winmau World Masters Not Over Yet



Wednesday July 5 2017


 The World Ranked Pacific Masters will decide which of Australia’s top male players will earn the right to compete in the famous Winmau World Masters in Bridlington, UK in September.

The Pacific Masters will take place at the Murray Sports Complex, Townsville on Saturday July 29 and will feature a number of Australia’s best players including recent World Dart Trophy Champion Peter Machin, Four times Gold Medallist and Asia-Pacific Champion Justin Thompson, Australian Reps Mitchell Clegg, Adam Rowe and current Australian Singles Champion Raymond Smith.

Leading the race to the UK (and a sponsored airfare courtesy of Darts Australia) is Victorian Justin Thompson with 96 points.

In second place is New South Welshman Mitchell Clegg (82) and in third place is Western Australian Adam Rowe (78).

There are a variety of possible scenarios that will affect the final outcome and decide the leader from the final tournament of the Grand Prix and they leave Adam Rowe as the only possible contender to knock Thompson from the number one position.

  1. If Rowe wins the Pacific Masters and Thomson does not collect any points then Rowe will claim the title by 98-96 points
  2. If Thompson earns a semi-final position and Rowe wins the title he will still be two points in front and maintain his place as Number one.
  3. If Rowe becomes runner-up and Thompson earns a quarter-final place Thompson will still be two points in front.

There are also two scenarios that could cause Darts Australia a headache.

If Rowe earns the runner-up position and Thompson collects no ranking points each player will finish equal on 96 points and the second possibility is that Rowe will finish runner-up and Thompson earns no points they will finish equal on 96 points apiece.

Townsville’s very own BDO World Champion Tony David and Australia’s only ever Winmau World Master Graham Hunt will both together with a multitude of State and Territory players  be trying to take the title of Pacific Master for 2017.

The Female Grand Prix Winner has already been decided with Ladies World Championship Runner-up Corrine Hammond once more earning the title .in dominant fashion.

Chasing the second place are Victorian Tori Kewish, Western Australian Natalie Carter and from New South Wales Leeane Wilson.

All three will be in Townsville looking to wrap up the Grand Prix year by being crowned the 2017 Pacific Master.

For further information or feedback on this year’s event contact Kelvin James President Darts Australia, or 0438091505