Darts Australia's Coaching Program has developed a series of Pathways to enhance a Players opportunities to develop their skills so that they can participate at the best level for their ability

  1. Development Stage
  2. Planned Development Stage.
  3. Fundamental Skills.
  4. Progression Stage .
  5. Specialisation Stage.
  6. Recreation Stage.

Our Coaching Programs progression goes from Beginner to Intermediate and encompassing Elite and also Recreational.

Training & Accreditation Pathways

Darts Australia Offers online Training and Accreditation for its Officials and Coaches.

Club Officials are required to do the online Course on SportAus (AIS)Learning Portal

Directors and all State and Club Officials are required to do a governance Course available online. This is a certificate Course. (Governance Institute of Australia)

This is to ensure that all our Officials have a wide knowledge of Governance within our Organisation.

Community Officiating General Principles.

Simply by registering and completing the Course and printing out a certificate. This Course supports Officials and provides a step towards accreditation.

Coaches are required to do the online Community Coaching General Principles on SportAus (AIS) Learning Portal all beginner Coaches and first-time coaches & parents who wish to assist should do this Course as a prerequisite to becoming accredited.

Coaching Pathways Darts Australia

Community Coaches  Step 1.

  1. Are Required to Hold a Current Police /Blue Card .
  2. Must do the online Community Coaching General Principles.
  3. Required by State /National Organisation. I.e. State Coaching Director/NCD.

This Course can lead to becoming a fully accredited Coach within the Organisation.

Our Community Coaches will in the first instance proceed under an accredited Coach within the Organisation. This allows them to consider if they would like to do the next Level of Coaching and become fully accredited. Generally, many officials are parents who want to become involved with assisting the Coach. Doing the General Principles gives them an InSite and a basis to assist with some knowledge of what’s required. It is also a way of ensuring that we keep all our Coaches / Officials working within a realm of safety and a correct knowledge of rules to ensure our Players are treated with inclusivity, fairness and respect always and to give the participants the chance to grow in the sport.

Step 2.

Level 1 Coaching.

Darts Australia has a fully accredited Coaching Program for those who wish to proceed to another Level within Coaching.

This Program is generally a two-day participation event conducted by the Coaching Director in State /Territory or by the NCD.

Coaches wishing to accredit must then Coach for a minimum of 30 hours and complete DA Coaching Workbook and produce documentation of all coaching done.  Once completed Coaches undergo assessment of their Coaching. NCD will appoint an assessment Officer.

Darts Australia has a Level 2 Coaching Program which is also accredited. Coaches have a Pathway to Coaching our Elite Players through this standard of Accreditation.

Coaches must be recognised as having met the requirements to move to the Level 2 Program.

Resources.   Darts Australia Coaching Manual, Darts Australia Technical manual (. Tech manual online purchase at iTunes, Amazon) Manual Produced by Dr Danya Hodgetts.

Australian Institute of Sport Link to Learning Portal

DA WEB site Pathways page and Revolutionise Program which is our open line to all Coaches and where our NCD works with our Coaches /Officials

DA holds a National Coaching Seminar each year at the DA Australian Championships for all Coaches and others interested in including Coaching and Officiation programs.

For further information Contact your State coaching Director or NCD Darts Australia.