NSW Darts – From the administrator

NSW Darts Administrator, Anne Day, chatted to Darts Australia Media to examine the year it’s been for darts in NSW during the pandemic period.

How did COVID restrictions in NSW impact darts across the State?

“For at least three months it just shut it (darts) down completely, there was just no darts anywhere. But in July when restrictions started easing a bit in New South Wales, some venues were able to have social darts with limited numbers allowed inside the venue.

“With limitations on venue capacity, State Championships, State Team trials and tournaments didn’t happen this year. So aside from two tournaments at the beginning of the year, we had nothing – and a lot of venues in NSW closed in March.

“Fast forward to November, some venues are back operating. For instance, Mudgee Darts Club is our darts venue at the moment, numbers in the place are limited because of social distancing – but we’re able to serve up to 30 – which is great for social darts.

“We made it work with teams limiting their players and complying with the rules and regulations, and the COVID-safety plan.”

How have NSW Darts effectively communicated with members, clubs, and associations throughout the pandemic?

“When there was any information and updates to pass on to our members, it was mostly released on our Facebook page, in addition to some email communication.”

What can members expect for the remainder of 2020 and heading into 2021?

“We will meet as Board of Directors and discuss the plan going forward. Our communication is regular and we will soon meet to put our ideas forward and map out a plan to best suit the direction of darts in NSW.

“The current focus is on the Darts Australia AGM on Saturday, November 14. The challenge will be having each state and territory putting their views forward and formulating a game-plan that’s outside of anything we have experienced before.

“Venue limitations of clubs in NSW will play a big part in deciding what we’re allowed to do within the framework – and we’re constantly finding out information with regards to what can be done.

“We just have to keep positive, the time will come when we can go back to playing our championships and tournaments – nobody knows what the new normal is going to be for a while – but whatever it is, we will have to adapt and live with it.”