North Queensland Classic

Lorraine Burn and Justin Thompson Win NQ Classic 2019

Ladies Final between Australian Representative Lorraine Burn and Former long time QLD Representative Pam Burr , both very experienced players in their own right .

Lorraine took out the first leg in 21 darts with a 62 peg out. Second Leg went to Lorraine with a peg of 53. Third leg gave Lorraine a 3 nil lead into the 4th .Fourth leg went to Lorraine giving her a 4 nil lead .Pam now needed the 5th leg to keep in the game .Lorraine took out the 5th leg to take out the title

Mens Final Justin Thompson v Jeremy Fagg

The first and second legs were pegged on 116 by Justin he then took out the third leg with Jeremy unlucky to miss a 104 peg . Fourth leg made it a 4 nil lead to Justin so Jeremy needed to put the pressure on and he came up with a 180 to leave 164.Justin put up a 177 and Jeremy took out the leg on 40 making the score 4-1 to Justin .

In the sixth leg Justin threw a maximum score to put the pressure on Jeremy missed 20 leaving 5 and Justin had the shot with a no score as did Jeremy . Justin again had the shot and pegged to give him a 5-1 lead. Justin took out the leg to win the Title .

It was a great day of play in the singles with some quality players contesting the Title .

The Semi Finalist were Brendan Saunders who went all the way against Justin Thompson and showed some wonderful play . Mal Cuming once again showed everyone that he is a talent to be reckoned with .

In the ladies Rihani Snary was in good form and Cynthia McLennan also put up a good fight just going down at the wire.