Murray Bridge Classic

Saturday morning started off with the Juniors, with a good amount of future stars.

Girls   Finalist          Fiona Gottwald (SA)

Winner          Abbey Morrison (SA)

Boys   Finalist          Riley Berry (SA)

Will Wilson (SA)

It’s good to see Will back in winning form again.

Riley’s first time here and will be a force in the


The Juniors was followed by a very lively doubles play with many top combinations vying for the money. Much laughter was heard throughout the day but everyone was there to win.

Ladies Doubles saw 16 pairs vie for the top prize.

Equal 5 to 9  Brook Nisbet / Danni Ainsworth (SA)

Barb Smyth / Bek Heidke (SA)

Fiona Gottwald / Caitlain Avis (SA)

Melina Van Den Kieboom/Jackie Clothier (SA)

Equal 3rd       Deb Leonard (SA) / Chrissy Sheerin (QLD)

Lyn Morrison / Amanda Loch (SA)

Murray Bridge ANZAC Grand Prix

Ladies doubles winners

Leanne Wilson (NSW) / Tori Kewish (VIC)

Runners Up Pam Burr & Lorraine Burn QLD

Men’s Doubles

Men saw 37 pairs contest for the top prize with some very impressive combinations.

Equal 5 to 9

Cain Sumner / Jon Kay (SA)

Raymond O’Donnell / Trevor Brockman (SA)

Kevin Young / Mark Simmonds (SA)

Tim Pusey (WA) / Rhys Mathewson (VIC)

Equal 3rd

Raymond Smith (DA) / Greg Walsh (QLD)

Moose Smyth (SA) / Mitch Clegg (NSW)


Danny Scally / Jason Fulham (SA)

Murray Bridge ANZAC Grand Prix

Men’s Doubles Winners

Colin Edwards / Damian Rivett  (SA)


Sunday started out with 64 men and 31 women all chasing the top prize.

Top 8 Seeds sat out the round robin which made for a little wait, for some. The rounds were played in a wonderful spirit which depicted the ANZAC spirit of the weekend.


The ladies saw some wonderful darts and a good time by all.

Equal 5 to 9

Deb Leonard (SA) 17.17

Chrissy Sheerin (QLD) 21.04

Lorraine Burn (QLD) 20.28

Tori Kewish(VIC) 19.11

Equal 3rd

Barb Smyth (SA) 19.08

Melina Van Den Kieboom (SA) 21.14


Bek Heidke (SA) 22.51


Leanne Wilson (NSW) 23.42

Men’s Singles

Equal 9th to 16th          Rhys Mathewson (VIC)

Martin Rose (SA)

Tony Petit (SA)

Steve Duke Snr (VIC)

Raymond Smith (DA)

Will Wilson (SA)

Danny Scally (SA)

Aaron Morrison (SA)

Equal 5 to 9

Laurie Loch (SA) 19.24 np

Mitch Clegg (NSW) 26.41

Aaron Delvendiep (SA) 24.54

Russell Verlinden (VIC) 27.20 np

Equal 3rd

Raymond O’Donnell (SA) 28.28 np

Tim Pusey (WA) 27.12

Finalist                  Adam Rowe (WA) 28.60

Winner                  Justin Thompson (VIC) 28.81

Ladies and Men’s winners for the Murray Bridge ANZAC Grand Prix 20