Level O (Junior Coaching Course)

Level O (Junior Coaching Course)

This program is for those community coaches, teachers and parents who wish to assist with coaching under an accredited coach.

This is the first Level of Darts Australia’s coaching program pathways; and the direction to how future coaches, parents and teachers can use the resources provided to conduct coaching courses for darts under the guidance of a Level 1 coach.

The Beginner Course is a great course for someone who wants to learn about the specific skills of darts. This course will assist coaches to develop a greater understanding of the core skills that are needed by coaches to teach players the basics at club or school level.

Included in this program is darts training and practice to improve their skills.

Following the completion of the prerequisites, coaches are to forward a copy of their certificates their respective State Coaching Director.

Once the Online Junior Coaching Program course is completed, the Coaching Director will send a list of questions for assessment.

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