Formula Sports & DA Junior Online Tournament

Following the success of our first junior online tournament, the Formula Sports & DA Junior Online Tournament is taking place from next Friday 29th January.

For any other junior players wishing to nominate, they will need to enter by 6pm Wednesday 27th January – and be registered on Dartconnect as a member HERE. (All relevant information is on our exclusive junior darts Facebook group (HERE), where players must nominate. No late entries will be accepted.)

What players will need:

  • – Webcam use is preferred where possible.
  • – All nominated players will be posted to the Facebook group on Wednesday night (Jan 27th) – so nobody is missed.
  • – This will be a Round Robin/Knockout competition.

Very special thanks to Formula Sports and Dartconnect for their support of this Online Tournament.

Thanks to our incredible partners, a whole host of fantastic prizes are up for grabs for our competitors:

  • 1. Winner RVB Legacy Darts Limited Edition
  • 2. Finalist Target Corona Dartboard Lighting System
  • 3. Highest Average Boy Microband III Dartboard
  • 4. Highest Average Girl Microband III Dartboard
  • 5. Highest Peg Boy Formula Multipack Dart Wallet (Black)
  • 6. Highest Peg Girl Formula Multipack Dart Wallet (Purple)
  • 7. Most 180’s Microband III Dartboard

As always, you can visit Formula Sports for all your darts equipment needs HERE: