Excitement in the air ahead of the South Australian Swiftflyte Classic

Competitors are gearing up for what is going to be a great weekend of darts action at the South Australian Swiftflyte Classic.

Taking place at the Licensed Club Darts Association (LCDA) in Salisbury Park from Friday the 17th until Sunday the 19th of February, the event is sure to be a brilliant one for all involved.

Speaking to Darts Australia, LCDA Club Secretary Michael Seaman mentioned the excitement that is felt by the community ahead of the event.

“We’ve got a lot of excitement around the club itself. There’s been a lot of interest, people sending emails and looking forward to the event, and our executive management is really excited about hosting an event like this for the first time [as well],” he said.

With over 130 competitors and counting signed up, including Japanese player Ayumi Okubo who will be taking place in the Ladies event, there will be plenty of talented participants vying to take out a victory this weekend. Seaman outlined a number of players that he believes will shine in the Mens and Ladies competitions.

“Starting with the ladies, Kym Mitchell seems to be a bit of a gun lately and Amanda Loch, even though she did suffer an injury recently, she’s a latecomer joining our event… so I think she’s a smoking gun there,” he said.

“Jo Hadley [as well], and we’ve also got our own Lyn Morrison who is always someone you can put your money on.”

“In the Mens, Peter Machin is always up there, and Aaron Morrison’s always up there [as well],” he said.

There are also number of up and coming prospects who will take part, one of which Seaman believes is set to make a huge splash at the event this weekend.

“Definitely Scott Hallett, he’s one of our LCDA members who took out the rookie of the year, so he would be expecting himself to do well. Definitely top eight,” he said.

With the South Australian Swiftflyte Classic about to get underway, Seaman is excited to see how it pans out, and hopes that it will grow to amazing heights in future years.

“We do want to get this one out of the way and then evaluate it on it’s merits, [but] we do have thoughts as an organising committee going forward, and lessons learnt that we’ve had already,” he said.

“We do believe that with the right organisation going forward we can definitely grow.”

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