Day Two Wrap

Sunday saw the second half of the Peter McMenamin Cup play out and there was top quality action across the board as the best players in the country fought for this most prestigious honour.

In the Ladies Gold Section South Australia returned to winning ways with a 9-3 victory over NSW. SA fired off five successive legs at the beginning of the match but each leg could have gone NSW’s way. Andrea Hendley and Amanda Palka finally took the opportunities presented to them in legs six and seven before Danni Ainsworth, Gemma Leonard and Alecia Ritchie all doubled their tally of leg wins. Michelle Hall then became the eighth leg winner of the match but remarkably to that point every leg had the loser also have opportunities to check out a winning score for the leg. Hayley Davis was the first to comfortably win her leg as she won the 12th and final leg of the match to secure the 9-3 win for South Australia’s Ladies Gold side.

Qld Ladies and WA Ladies then fought out a tight battle with the Queenslanders coming out on top in a deciding leg.  Evelyn Cockie made the most of missed checked outs from Melina Van den Kieboom to take the opening leg against the throw for WA. Both players spurned multiple opportunities in the next leg before Jucinta Dunn finally held throw and WA were two legs up. Jaunita Barke, Jaimie Loeber, Homer, and Van den Kieboom then all won their next legs to put their side 4-2 up. Jaimie Loeber then held throw comfortably to give her team a three-leg lead for the first time in the match. Tamara Brown immediately reduced the gap on throw, highlighted by a 128 visit that left eight for her next visit when attempting a 136 check out. Jane Gambie then took the chance presented to her by Loeber in the next leg and the gap was down to one. With a break straight back Van Den Kieboom doubled the leg league for Queensland once more. Brown stepped up and comfortably broke the homer throw before Cockie tied things up at six by holding throw. There were two hold of throw over the next two legs before Dunn seemed to put her WA side in the box seat by breaking the Barke throw and move within a leg of the match however Cockie was unable to check out 57 for the match and Loeber stepped up to check out a game high 65 and what a time to do it, moving the match into a deciding leg. She stayed on the oche and for the second successive leg broke throw, this time against Dunn, capping off the match with a check out of 60. Thus Queensland, who were 8-7 down, defeated Western Australia 9-8.

The last of this round’s matches saw Tasmania Gold record their second win of the tournament with a 9-4 win over Victoria. Tammy Wilson comfortably won the first leg on throw before Emma Watkins broke the throw of Karen Richardson. Michelle Ellis then survived a scare as Sheryll Beasy missed a check out opportunity to break the Ellis throw and instead Ellis was able to make amends for her previous visit and secure the leg. Jasmin Horton then broke the throw of Christina Aspalter in 21 darts, including a check out of 68 to give the Tasmanian Gold Ladies success in all their opening legs. Watkins then held throw to make it a 5-0 leg lead before Beasy held throw to take Victoria’s first leg of the match. Richardson then comfortably broke the throw of Horton but with Aspalter unable to secure a 22 check out on multiple occasions Ellis stopped the rot for Tasmania and returned them to winning ways. Beasy broke once again to secure a third leg for her side before Richardson presented Wilson with one too many chances and Tasmania led 7-3.  Watkins then failed in her bid to check out eight on too many occasions and Aspalter stole the leg but it was too little too late as Ellis broke the through of Dedrie Williams and then Wilson held her throw to secure a 9-4 win for Tasmania Ladies Gold.

The Ladies Green division saw Victoria and South Australia start off with a tight match as Victoria won out 9-8. Deb Leonard held her throw in the opening leg for SA before Jo Hadley did the same for Victoria. Abbey Morrison and Janine Cassar then did the same, although Morrison survived a scare against Kayleigh Pickett as she left 4 attempting to check out 38 on the second attempt. Lyn Morrison and Pickett then continued the hold of throws, although Kate Gifford was 7 away from stealing the leg off Morisson. The 7th leg saw the first break of throw, Hadley the victor but Abbey Morrison immediately returned the favour after Cassar missed out on tops for the leg. Pickett then had the third break of throw and a spectacular 14 dart leg from Jo Hadley (throwing 95. 125. 100, 97 and checking out 84 in two darts to hold throw) moved the match into the first two leg lead of the game. Victoria did not hold it for long as Lyn Morrison held throw. Abbey Morrison had the chance to equalise but left two as Gifford stepped up to check out 33 and hold throw. Leonard then held throw before Lyn Morrison did what Abbey had been unable to do against the throw the previous time, and break. Thus, the game was back on level terms and so it would remain as Abbey Morrison held throw and then Kate Gifford moved her team into a deciding leg by holding throw against Jules Taylor. Abbey Morrison would have the throw for South Australia but could not hold it as Pickett came through with the leg win to give her Victorian Green Ladies team the 9-8 win over South Australia.

Western Australia Green Ladies side were more comfortable in defeating NSW 9-3. Sarah Harrison put NSW up after one leg and Gemma Spence equalised to make it 2-2 but apart from another win to Spence in leg 9 the WA ladies won any of their legs comfortably in the opening half of the game before taking opportunities presented to them by their opponents not being able to check out at key moments. Melissa Harrison could have extended the match by taking the chance Angela Clarke presented her but she was unable to do so and eventually Clarke secured the leg and a 9-3 win for WA over NSW. Natalie Clarke’s seventh leg was a highlight of the match with two 140 visits out of her first three and a 16-dart break of throw.

Tasmania’s Ladies Green side stunned their Queensland opponents and secured a 9-6 win in their fixture. Seifi Vakanofiti opened the match by holding out against Lee-Anne Falkner, before Darlene Carver (twice), Courtny Slater, Sandra Smith and Faulkner all won legs to give Tassie a 5-1 lead. Queensland stormed back though with Amanda Loch, Michelle McGarry and Jackie Marks all winning their legs. Faulkner was able to stop Queensland from equalising by breaking the Loch throw. McGarry struck back by breaking Carver ‘s throw in response before Slater did the same to Vakanofiti. Faulkner then held throw comfortably in leg 13 before Jackie Marks did the same for Queensland in leg 14. The Tasmanians had a bigger gap though and simply stepped up through Slater who held her throw to secure the 9-6 win over the Queensland Ladies Green side.

Thus, the Ladies competition was complete and WA came out on top with 8 points in the Green division, with Queensland just behind on six points. The same two sides came first and second, with the same number of points in the Gold division.

The Men’s Gold Division saw Northern Territory’s Gold team take out their first win of the competition as they defeated the ACT side 9-6. Jud d Hoyle and Darren Carson won the first two legs comfortably for the ACT before Derek Whittaker and Ashley Hughes tied things up for the Territorians. Carson and Hoyle then doubled up their wins to get ACT back our 4-2 in front only for Hughes and Whittaker do the same, although before then Brendan Taylor-McInnes had also secured a leg win and then double that up after the two had secured legs thus giving the Northern Territory their first two leg lead of the match at 6-4. Darren Carson then held throw again to move the ACT one leg away from Parity but Ciaran Holmes spurned multiple visits at a check out that would have broken Adrian McAdam and thus the Territory returned to a two-leg lead instead. Ashley Hughes then broke the Judd Hoyle throw in 15 darts, including a phenomenal 143 check out to take the leg. A leg away from a famous win Whittaker was broken by Carson to extend the match to 15 legs but with Taylor McInnes breaking the Holmes throw at the next attempt the Northern Territory secured the ninth leg they needed and completed the 9-6 win over the ACT Gold Men’s team.

Qld’s men’s team defeated the NSW Gold Side 9-3 in their opening Sunday clash. Anthony Shreeve and Laurie Loch opened up with wins for Queensland until Troy Papworth moved NSW back to within a leg. Brendan Masters then restored the two-leg gap before Royce Faulkner left three chasing double that for the leg and Shreeve pounced to grab another break. Stewart Smith held throw before Laurie Loch missed out on a 16 check out and Tony Brown checked out 71 for NSW. Papworth was unable to take chances Masters presented him in the next leg before Brown held throw for NSW’s third leg. It would be their last as Queensland won three legs on the trot, Loch winning in 18 darts, Masters checking out 70 and Shreeve continuing his fine competition with a 111 check out for the match.

South Australia defeated Victoria by the same 9-3 scoreline. South Australia broke away to a 4-1 and then 6-2 lead before winning the last three legs to take the match. Highlights included a 17 dart third leg from Karl Schaefer, solid 18 and 19 dart legs from Aaron Morrison’s opening contributions and both Danny Porter and Scott Hallett securing 17 dart legs towards the end of the match. Morrison then concluded the game with a match high 114 checkout.

In the final match of that round WA put on a comprehensive display when defeating Tasmania 9-1. After Lindsay Haji Ali gave WA the lead with a 16-dart leg before Brayden Abell was able to equalise for Tassie but then fired off eight straight legs, with only Matt Woodberry coming close in a leg, left stranded needing 20 in the fifth leg. Wayne Egan was the only WA player to drop a leg and he left 10 when trying to check out 80. The highlight for WA apart from their overall professional approach to each leg was Gary Stevens’ 17 dart leg along the way.

NSW’s team then defeated the Northern Territory 9-6 in the penultimate round of the group stage. Royce Faulkner, David Clegg, and Tony Brown put NSW 3-0 up before Derek Whittaker and Adrian McAdam took the chance presented to them to draw their team back within a leg of their opponents. Brown and Clegg then doubled their leg wins. The Clegg win over Derek Whittaker started a run of nine games against the throw, right through until the end of the match.

Queensland continued their winning ways on Sunday with a 9-2 win over the Tasmanian Gold Men’s team. Ben Dawkins and John Rowbottom were the only two Tasmanians to pick up leg wins but on both occasions Stewart Smith missed darts at what could have been a clean sweep result had he got them. Anthony Shreeve was great again, throwing an 18-dart leg and checking out a game high 70 in leg five.

South Australia (over ACT) and Victoria (over WA) replicated this 9-2 scoreline. SA opened with a 17-dart leg from Aaron Morrison before Darren Carson broke the throw of Danny Porter in 18 darts. SA rattled off six legs on the trot with Morrison repeating his 17-dart leg and Porter picking up an 18-dart effort along the way. Mick Mullaney held throw for the ACT in leg nine but a 16-dart leg from Porter put his SA team a leg away and despite missing out on a 120 check out by just 20 Scott Hallett cleaned up against the Carson throw to secure the 9-2 result. Victoria put their earlier disappointment behind them as Barry Ledington, Liam McDonnell and Sam Ballinger all won their opening legs before Gary Stevens put his WA team on the board. Jamie Liddy then joined his teammates in winning ways as McDonell and Ledington (before him) and Ballinger (after him) double their winning leg tally. Dylan Dunster (in 17 darts) doubled the leg tally of WA (over Liddy once more) before Ledington and McDonnell completed three from three winning legs for each of them at the oche. Ledington’s 18 dart tenth leg was the quickest the Victorian team put a leg away in the match but they still dominated their West Australian opponents.

 In the final round the Northern Territory side secured their second win of the day (9-6 over Tasmania.) They broke to a 2-0 lead through Brendan Taylor-McInnes and Adrian McAdam before John Rowbottom, Ben Dawkins, Matt Woodberry and then Rowbottom again all fired off leg wins. Derek Whittaker and Ashley Hughes then joined their NT colleagues as leg winners in the match before three more legs on the trot gave the Territorians a 7-4 lead. Woodberry and Rowbottom then held throw for Tasmania but Taylor. McInnes and Hughes matched their holds of throw to give the Northern Territory the 9 -6 win. It was a great way for the side to mark their return to this competition. Whittaker checked out 106 and 108 to hod throw in legs seven and nine.

Victoria and Queensland fought out an even tighter affair with Victoria securing the 9-7 win in the 16th leg.. Victoria went 3-1 up through Liam McDonnell (checking out 95). Jamie Liddy and Sam Ballinger (Anthony Shreeve winning his throw in leg two in 17 darts) but both Laurie Loch and Brendan Masters came close to taking legs one and three respectively. Shreeve then held throw again after checking out 136 before Loch broke the Liddy through in 18 darts with a 110 check out. At 3-3 Stewart Smith and Ballinger held throw for their states before Liddy broke the Smith throw only for Loch to return the favour when Barry Ledington missed out at the madhouse. Shreeve held throw once more, this time checking out ‘just’ 98. Victoria then won three consecutive legs to go eight legs to six up. Masters was not giving up though and in 14 darts, culminating in a 96 check out with his last two darts, and the Queenslanders were a leg away from a decider. Smith was unable to break the throw of McDonnell though and the Vics therefore won 9-7.

The NSW Men in the gold division then secured their second win of the day, this time 9-5 over the ACT. Darren Carson again held firm against the fire and actually secured two consecutive leg wins. The problem for the ACT was that Royce Faulkner, Troy Papworth and Tony Brown all won their legs in between. Mick Mullaney then held throw although it took him quite an effort to secure the last eight points. Brown then checkout 78 to put NSW back in the winning way and Troy Papworth doubled down on it by breaking the throw of Ciaran Holmes. Brown then checked out 70 for NSW’s third consecutive leg win. Both teams then held throw twice before Faulkner was able to break the Mullaney throw in the 14th leg to take the match 9-5 for NSW over their ACT neighbours.

The other match in this division saw South Australia defeat Western Australia 9-2. The team of Danny Porter, Aaron Morrison, Scott Hallett, and Karl Schaefer all won their opening legs to help move the scoreline to four nil before Wayne Egan secured a WA leg. Porter had opened in 17 darts but this paled into comparison as in leg four Schaefer threw 135, 140 and 140 and checked out 86 with his 12th dart. Having watched Egan break the Morrison throw Danny Porter stepped up for revenge and 18 darts later had broken the throw of Dylan Dunster. Shaefer then held before Scott Hallett broke the throw of Gary Stevens in 16 darts. Schaefer then held once more before Lindsay Haji Ali held his throw with a 74 check out. Finally, Morrison held throw to give South Australia the 9-2 win.

In the Green division Queensland defeated Tasmania 9-5 whilst South Australia (over the Northern Territory) and Victoria (over the ACT) replicated this scoreline. The Queenslanders opened up with Rob Modra breaking the throw of Hayden Scott before Raymond Smith threw a 15 darter to hold throw. Kasey Anderson then held throw before Chris Riley broke the Ky Smith throw to move the match back to even terms after four legs. Rob Modra then broke his second opponent of the day (this time Colby Dodge) before Tyson Hillcoat returned the Queensland to two legs. Raymond Smith then broke the Riley throw before Ky held his own. When Hillcoat and Smith senior then won their legs (Smith in 17 darts) it looked all over as Queensland needed one leg but Dodge then checked out 99 before Anderson broker the Modra throw in 18 darts and Scott held throw to move the match to 8-5. It was Hillcoat who steadied the ship and held his throw in the 14th leg to give Queensland the win. South Australia had also gone two up only for the Territory to pin them back after four legs. It was 3-3 after six legs and five all after ten but four straight legs (two from Mark Carter and leg wins to Kevin Young and Dwayne Wilson) gave South Australia the match. Highlights included a 126 check out from Mark Webster, a 15-dart leg from Dylan Salmon, a 122 check out from Brayden Sperling and the very next leg a 160 check out from Carter, thus leaving the highlights even across the two teams despite the final scoreline. Victoria seemed comfortably in front throughout their match against the ACT so it was somewhat of a surprise when Corrie Slusser and Perry Butler won legs ten and eleven to move their side within a leg of the Victorians. Brandon Weening, Michael Cassar and Dean Gibbs were able to close out the last three legs to secure the win. Michael Cassar had won the sixth leg against the Joe Stockl throw in 16 darts before Corrie Slusser broke Brodie Klinge in 15 darts a leg later. Klinge secured a 17-dart leg in leg nine before Cassar did the same in leg 13.

The final match of the opening round of Sunday’s play in men’s green division went the way of WA as they defeated NSW 9-3. Deon Wyatt broke the Luke Wilson throw in the opening leg (Wilson and Wyatt both blowing multiple opportunities for the leg) before Daniel Meyer, Desean Allen and Michael Harrison put a shiver up the spines of the WA team members with three leg wins in a row. That would be all they would contribute though as Western Australia’s Wyatt won in 19 darts and Blake Hatchett in 18 to set their team back on even terms before the rest of team also secured leg wins and Hatchett and Wyatt gained one more each themselves for WA to take the match 9-3 over NSW.

Victoria then secured a 9-2 win over South Australia. Brayden Sperling actually won the first leg, holding in 15 darts with an 80 checkout, and he would win the penultimate one as well but the rest of the legs went Victoria’s way. Brody Klinge won the third leg in 13 darts and Brandon Weening won the eighth in 16. Klinge would then only take 17 darts to finish the next leg before Weening closed out the match in 19.

West Australia then secured the only whitewash of this year’s event with a 9-0 win over the ACT. Highlights included a 16-dart opening leg from Howard Jones, and 18 dart legs from Blake Hatchett and Trent Cooper, including 89 and 104 check outs in those legs respectively.

Queensland defeated the Northern Territory 9-3 whilst NSW closed out the round with a 9-5 win over Tasmania. Rob Modra (in 13 darts), Raymond Smith (in 18), Tyson Hillcoat and Ky Smith all won their opening legs before Richard Dodd secured a leg for NT. Hillcoat and both Smiths (Raymond in 14 darts and a 93 checkout) then doubled up before Mark Webster won a leg. Raymond Smith and Rob Modra closed out the match although Dodd won a leg in between. NSW opened up with leg wins to Daniel Meyer, Luke Wilson and Michael Harrison before Chris Riley and Colby Dodge moved their team back within a leg of their opponents. Harrison and Wilson then doubled up to move NSW to 5-2 in front before Kasey Anderson broke the Allen throw. Harrison broke Riley straight back before Wilson held throw in 19 darts against Hayden Scott. Both the teams then held throw twice which meant the scoreline finished 9-5 to NSW over the Tasmanian Men’s Green side.

Western Australia closed out the green men’s division with a 9-5 win over South Australia. Brayden Sperling opened the match with a comfortable hold of throw against Deon Wyatt. Howard Jones then held throw in 17 darts to move the match back to even terms straight away. Blake Hatchett then broke the Mark Carter throw in 19 darts. Trent Cooper then held throw with a 114 check out before Wyatt broke Kevin Young in 19 darts. Hatchett then held throw in the same amount of darts before Dwayne Wilson held throw with a ton checkout to give South Australia their second leg. Cooper held throw in 19 darts before Wilson did the same in 16. Jones and Cooper (in 18 darts) then won legs 10 and 11 to move WA a leg away from the win before Carter and Sperling won legs, the latter in 16 darts. Blake Hatchett had the throw in the 14th leg and missed out on a 124 check out by just eight. He was well enough ahead to return to the oche and although it took all of them, he finally threw the winning dart with his 18th to take the leg and complete the match’s final scoreline of 9-5 to Western Australia over South Australia.

Tasmania then secured their second win of the tournament and for the second day in a row it came in their last match of the day. This time it was a 9-2 victory over the ACT. Corrie Slusser lost his throw to Colby Dodge in the opening match before Matthew Vickers broke straight back on the Hayden Scott throw. Chris Riley then broke Perry Butler to move Tasmania back in front at 2-1 before Kasey Anderson held throw with an 87 check out to create a two-leg lead. Matthew Vickers (ACT) and Chris Riley (Tas) both then held throw before Joe Stockl was broken by Hayden Scott. Tasmania then won the next four legs to take run of successful consecutive legs to six. That included a 120 checkout from Anderson and a 71 checkout to close out the match 9-2 for Tasmania over the ACT.

Victoria defeated the Northern Territory 9-4 in their last group game with Michael Cassar (in 12 darts and a 90 checkout), Dean Gibbs (in 16 darts) and Brandon Weening (in 13 darts) helping Victoria jump to an early 3-0 lead before Colley Craig halted the run, pouncing on one poor visit from Brody Klinge. Gibbs then held throw before Mark Webster failed in the madhouse and gave Michael Cassar check out opportunities, which he took. Dylan Salmon broke the Klinge throw in the seventh leg but Weening broke Craig straight back with a 92 check out helping. Brody Klinge then held throw in 17 darts before Salmon secured NT’s third leg of the match. Both teams then held throw leaving Michael Cassar with the chance to secure the win if he held throw. With a penultimate visit of a ton and a 76 checkout Cassar did the job, stopping the scoreboard at 9-4 for Victoria over the Northern Territory.

The Men’s Gold table finished with South Australia on 14 points, with Victoria second on 12 and Western Australia third on ten points. The Green Table had Victoria finish on 14 points with WA and Qld second and third on ten points each, divisional averages (a difference of just 1%) separating the two.

The Ladies Final for the Peter McMenamin Cup saw the two West Australian teams challenge each other.

The WA Gold side opened the match with Natalie Carter unable to take her chances for a check out and Evelyn Cockie pouncing on it to get a break of throw straight up. Angela Clarke then had a solid leg for the WA Green side to break the throw of Jucinta Dann straight back. Dot McLeod then held throw before Martekea Wilson gave her green side a 3-1 lead after she broke Tamara Brown’s throw. Clarke then held throw in 22 darts before Natalie Carter broke Jane Gambie in 23 darts. Wilson then made it six straight legs for the green side but gold was not out of it despite being 6-1 down. Brown then held throw before Wilson did the same. Natalie Carter then broke the throw of Dann comfortably to move her side a leg away from the cup at 8-2. Brown then broke the throw of Clarke after Clarke left 32 trying to check out 56. Cockie then challenged gold by holding throw comfortably against McLeod. It thus came down to the ever dependant Natalie Carter having to hold throw to stop the mini revival of WA Green and secure the win for WA Gold. She started slowly but a 140 mid leg and a follow up visit of 76 left her on 16 and although it took her two visits she was well enough ahead to get both and secure the win. Western Australia Gold had defeated Western Australia Green by nine legs to four.

 Afterwards WA’s Angela Fairman and Robyn McCloy were celebrating the success of both the West Australian teams.

“It did not really matter which team won tonight as both the WA teams were crowned best of their divisions.

“The WA team spirit has come through and you can see it in both teams throughout the Peter McMenamin Cup. Both teams and all the players dug deep no matter what.

“The girls are all dependable and we can rely on them no matter the situation. They all step up to the plate if we ask them to.

“Today consistency in the end helped Gold win. We had two very even teams and this demonstrated itself in the final. It was a matter of taking the chances when presented and Gold did that more often in the Final.

“All our Ladies know how to face the pressure – they play each other all the time and face the pressure of competing against players they know so well every week. We are blessed to have so many players of such a high calibre in Western Australia.

“We now are looking forward to the team’s event so that the camaraderie of the team can truly be demonstrated as one unified force.

The Men’s Final matched the South Australian Gold team taking on the Victorian Green team for the Peter McMenamin Cup. Like the Ladies Final it was full of the best players in Australia.

Danny Porter held his opening throw against Dean Gibbs although the Victorian could have taken the break on his last two visits to the oche. Michael Cassar then held throw with Aaron Morrison standing behind him requiring just tops.

Scott Hallett then held throw although again Victoria had their chances. Brody Klinge leaving 36 when chasing 147 before leaving eight after his next (and last for the leg) visit to the oche. Brandon Weening then watched as Karl Schaefer left 50 when chasing a 124 check out before the Victorian stepped up and equalled the best check out of the tournament with a 160 to collect the fourth straight hold of throw.

The opening five visits of the fifth leg were 100, 140, 180, 140 and 140 before Morrison went on and checked out 81 with his 12th dart against Gibbs to hold throw. Klinge then stood behind Porter as he left 40 chasing Shanghai for the leg before the Victorian closed out tops with his next dart at the oche. Cassar then spurned a chanced at a break by leaving 40 when chasing an 80 check out only for Schaefer to show him how to do it on his next visit. Leg eight saw the first break of the match as Weening failed to put away 40 on his own throw and Hallett stepped up to put the total away with his next dart. Schaefer then held throw as Klinge left double 16 trying to check out 49 and the South Australian finished off the leg on his next visit. Cassar and Porter then spurned opportunities to take out leg ten before Porter finally put away the 25 he needed on the second attempt.

Victoria had failed to win a leg in four but when Morrison left 16 chasing 32 for the leg Weening pounced to secure 56 for the leg. It would not be enough though as Scott Hallett broke the Gibbs throw (despite the Victorian having left tops after a visit of 117) in 18 darts before Porter took the match with a 17-dart hold of throw, helped a lot by throwing 140 and 95 on his first two visits of the leg against Weening.

Thus, South Australia took the match by the same margin the Ladies Final had finished, nine legs to four, and won the 2023 Men’s edition of the Peter McMenamin Cup.

Mark Edwards from South Australia was delighted with the result,

“I’m Immensely proud of my players who took their chances to win a high-quality, hard-fought final.

“The win almost brought me to tears and I look forward to more success for the rest of the week.

Terry King from Victoria was magnanimous in defeat,

“It was a great final and we had our chances but full credit to the South Australian team who took their chances when they appeared and deserved their win.

“I am very proud of all my players as they fought their hearts out.

“I would also like to thank Janine and Joanne for scoring the final and Andrew Coburn our Manager for his support and assistance. Go Vics!!

The Championships continue tomorrow with Australian Doubles action, mixed, men’s and women’s. Keep updated at the Darts Australia website’s Championship hub and across all the socials. If the last two days are any indication there is a week of high-class darting action to come!