Darts WA – Update from the President

Darts WA President David Platt joined DA Media to provide an update on darts proceedings across the nation’s west in 2021.

How has the year progressed so far in terms of completing events and various darts activities?

“Obviously the lockdowns have screwed our calendar up a little bit.

“We’ve had to revamp events, move them, people have taken time out to plan these events, and lots have been called off at the last minute – so that hasn’t been easy. We’ve tried to reschedule them across the calendar at some stage.”

What have been some of the challenges Darts WA has faced in 2021?

“In terms of challenges, a big contributor is having to cancel our State Championships.

“A lot of players across Australia, not just WA, all look forward to their most prestigious event of the year. But unfortunately that wasn’t able to go ahead, and everyone’s been guessing whether state trials will go ahead.

“That’s been the main aggressor, not being able to send a state team, which has impacted all states not just WA.

“There’s talk of potential online tournaments, but we can’t replicate the challenges, the friendships, the camaraderie that face-to-face darts presents.

“As far as competition darts goes, we’re all in a similar boat unfortunately. The travel restrictions in place are also a struggle domestically.”

What are you looking forward to most for Darts WA throughout the remainder of the year?

“We’re just trying to get through without any more interruptions to our calendar.

“As a newly elected president, I put forward some new suggestions to our committee to ideally bring new interest into our (WA) darts, and hopefully carry them into state tournaments down the line.

“Ultimately, 2021 has been just as awkward as 2020 and we just want to get through with as little hindrance as possible.

“I feel for every dart player at the moment because they have not all been able to apply the trade they love. At the end of the day, there’s lot of friendships in darts and through this pandemic people haven’t been able to join their friends and play.”