Darts Tasmania – Update from the Treasurer

Darts Tasmania Treasurer Leanne Faulkner, spoke to DA Media about how COVID-19 social distancing restrictions have impacted darts in Tasmania.

With darts currently on pause – clubs and associations across the state have relied on culture and their values – in this difficult time for the passionate darts community.

“We can’t play darts at any Tasmanian venues. Due to the current restrictions in place, all events have been postponed.” Faulkner said.

“One of our associations did start in the beginning of July, we played in a separate room to the rest of the venue, but that was quickly shut down due to the restrictions.”

“So the sport is completely locked down at the moment.”

Throughout the pandemic it’s been as important as ever to communicate with members. Darts Tasmania has aimed to provide an online presence to ensure associations, clubs and members stay up to date with the latest news and competition updates.

“Anytime there’s an update we post to our Facebook page. We also send communication updates from our Executive, along with information on the Team App webpage.”

“We like to ensure our members can see what’s been cancelled or postponed.”

Despite the lockdown, Faulkner encourages the darts community to continue to keep their skills up and stay involved at home.

“In the lockdown we encourage you to practise at home and to keep your skills up on your practise boards,” Faulkner said.

“Play your own competitions with close family and friends, and hopefully we can see everyone back when darts does return.”

“Unfortunately we have no control over when we’ll be back – with the restrictions at the moment. But we will stay positive in this current climate.”