Darts Australia Announces Officials

Darts Australia Men’s Captain

Kelvin James has been announced as the Captain of the Australian Men’s Representative Team, as a former Captain of Darts Victoria he brings a wealth of experience with him to this position. Kelvin also brings considerable managerial experience from his position as a Director on Darts Australia Board and previously on Darts Victoria and on the WDF. He has been the driving force behind the Australian Open and his knowledge of the Players across the board should stand him in good steed for the job ahead.

Darts Australia Ladies Captain

Kerry Crowdey has been announced as Australian Ladies Captain. Kerry has Represented Darts Queensland over many years both as a Player and Captain on many occasions. Her knowledge of the game along with her Coaching Accreditation will be a great advantage in this position. Kerry is presently Darts Queensland President.

Darts Australia Boys Captain

Mark Edwards has regained his position as Boys Captain this will be his third appointment for the position. Mark has been involved in Junior Darts for many years both at State Level and Club Level. He is involved very heavily with Darts in South Australia. Mark has also been part of the Senior contingent from SA. Mark holds a Level 1 Coaching Accreditation.

 Darts Australia Girls Captain

Lisa Dann has been named as the Girls Captain. This is the first time Darts Australia has had an official Girls Captain. Lisa works very hard with Juniors in West Australia and with the Junior Representative Team from WA. Lisa is an accredited Level 1 Coach.