Bob Grayson Memorial



Bob Grayson Memorial 2019

Total participants.  118.                Open Men 51, Open Ladies 10, B Grade Men 32, B Grade Ladies 15

Dot McLeod and Denise Silver are Back to Back winners Open and B Grade of the Bob Grayson Memorial

Open Men’s                                       Average

Winner               Dan Kelly                27.36   Rockingham                    

Runner up         Adam Rowe           26.418   South Suburban

Equal Third       Lindsay Haji Ali       27.12 Swans

                            Lewis Kirk                26.356   Fremantle

Equal Fifth        Kimberly Lewis       26.237                                           

                            Gerry Starr               24.316   West                                 

                            Clint Austen             22.805   Swans 

                            Dave Charnock        25.35   Fremantle

Highest Pegs      Dan Kelly     145.

                              Adam Rowe 144.

180,s     Total  78       Dan Kelly x 7 Adam Rowe x 12

Open Ladies                                  Average

 Winner         Dot Mcleod            19.650 South Suburban Ladies

Runner Up   Angela Clark           21.933   Peel

Equal Third   Natalie Carter        17.26   Quinns Rock

                        Michelle Rodney   18.10       Swans

Highest Peg Michelle Rodney   120   Swans,  Kim Kelly  120  Quinns Rock

180’s     Angela Clarke x 3, Debbie Norton x 1.

B Grade Men’s                              Average

 Winner               Dave Clinch          18.259   Port Kennedy                 

Runner up          Kieren Rodwell    17.360   Port Kennedy                

Equal Third         Darren White      19.48      Quinns Rock                  

                              Peter Govorko    15.13       Mandurah

Highest Peg       Josh Johnstone   154   Swans

180’s   Total   8

B Grade Ladies                             Average

Winner                Denise Silver     13.540   Peel

Runner up          Natasha Little   13.350   Northam             

Equal Third         Roz Watkins          South Suburban Ladies

                              Kayleigh Pickett   Northam