Australian Singles Mens & Ladies 2019 Winners Jeremy Fagg & Tori Kewish .

The Mens & Ladies Singles perhaps one of the most
Prestigious Events at the Australian Championships has
once again shown that we certainly have some quality
players on the Boards .
In the Ladies Division Tori Kewish defeated Leeanne
Wilson 5/1.This is the third year in a row that Tori has
taken out the title once again showing her dominance in
Ladies darts in Australia .Averages Tori 23.20 Leanne 19.76.
Tori 2 x 80.

The Mens Division Final was as good as any game
you will see going to 5 all to the Decider with
Jeremy finishing the Match on 100 Peg.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Mal for providing such
a thrilling finish to the Australian Championships.
.Averages Jeremy 29.16 Mal 26.83
2 x 180 Jeremy .
Quarters were contested by in the Mens
Dave Keding /Gerry Star/Mick Mullaney/Aaron Morrison/
Jeremy Fagg/Nick Kenafake/Mark Lennard/Mal Cuming/
Mitchell Clegg/Roderick Hughes.

Semi Finals Aaron Morrison/Jeremy Fagg 5/4
Mal Cuming /Roderick Hughes 5/0

Finals Jeremy Fagg QLD V Mal Cuming VIC
Winner Jeremy Fagg
Ladies Quarters
Leanne Wilson /Lyn Morrison /Emma Watkins/
Karen Murray/Barb Smyth/Kim Kelly/Tori Kewish/
Jucinta Dan .

Semi Finals Leanne Wilson/Karen Murray 5/3
Barb Smyth/Tori Kewish 4/5

Finals Tori Kewish V Leeanne Wilson
Winner Tori Kewish