The Structure of Darts Australia is one which develops pathways for all players partaking in the Sport of Darts in Australia.

Our States/Territories are all governed by their own Management Bodies under the banner of Darts Australia.

Our State and Territories all have Associations/Clubs etc where they draw their Players from to participate at State Level and go on to potentially Play for their State/ Territory. (For more information on States/ Territories Associations etc see their web sites under heading on home page).

The National Level is the next pathway in our structure where we provide for both Juniors , Under 25's and Seniors in a yearly competition (Australian Championships).

At these Championships (except in Under 25'5) Players are selected to Represent Australia for DA.

Representation takes our Players to the World Cup every second year and the Asia Pacific in the alternate year.

Our Structure includes a Coaching System for all those wishing to become Coaches under DA banner . Each State/Territory has a Coaching Director who conducts coaching courses and Education programs to ensure we have a quality Program and Pathway to success.