Strategic Plan



Dart Australia Incorporated (herein after referred to as DA) is dedicated to the continued progress of the Sport of Darts in Australia by servicing the present and future needs of the States/Territories and their Members.

DA is committed to accomplish this by continuously distinguishing the needs of all players, administrators and supporters. Demonstrate effective management, making optimum use of accessible resources and co-operating with its members in the search of excellence.

It is the mission of DA, through unity, to encourage and promote the fostering of the Sport of Darts throughout Australia.

With vision, DA, will promote and develop the game of Darts for all to play. It is an objective of DA for all States/Territories to be competitive at National and International levels and to be an organization of excellence.

Darts Australia Values

  • People working together
  • Co-operation between States/Territories, their members and DA board of Management
  • State / Territory members participating
  • Achieving State / Territory optimal potential
  • The principal of social justice
  • Professionalism and integrity in the way we work
  • Friendship and Sportsmanship


The object of DA is :
1. For the Sport of darts to build and maintain a stronger profile in Australia as a popular and successful sport.

2. To make darts more marketable by raising the overall profile of the sport in a way that will increase people involvement.

3. To increase the number of dart players by providing a service i.e.: provide an infrastructure that will attract the State/Territory members and keep them involved in the sport.

4. Provide the maximum availability of the sport of darts to all Australians and to ensure that access and equity is not denied on the basis of gender, age, disability, cultural background or location.

5. Ensure the standard of darts in Australia is raised to a level that will improve the opportunity for consistent success at State, National and International levels.

6. Address the issues of Junior and Under 25’s darts in Australia by raising the profile of the sport at this level.

7. To establish a National infrastructure with a professional planned approach to sports development.

8. To seek ways of achieving financial security and independence for the sport of darts in all States/Territories in Australia.

9. Improve the business proficiency of DA by appropriately structuring the Board of Management to meet the needs of the organization.

10. To maintain strong representation at the World Darts Federation meetings (herein after referred to as WDF) and to positively contribute to WDF organizational operations, policies and performances.


Key Issues
Organisational Structural Development

(a) The full Board of Management to review the structure of the Board and consider any changes that may be needed. Discuss any complaints or suggestions by members and implement changes to suit if necessary. Discussions by the Board of Management should continue at future meetings to ensure economical efficiency.

(b) Form a sub Committee of three (3) Board Members to regularly review the Constitution and present any changes they may consider necessary or advantageous to DA Board of Management.

(c) The same sub Committee will review the By-laws and move clauses of the By-laws pertaining to the Constitution that have been successfully tried for a period of two (2) years minimum into the Constitution and discard unsuccessful By-laws. Discuss with the Board of Management any additional By-laws that may be required to maintain harmony with the members, but at the same time not affect the control of such matters.

(d) Form a sub Committee of three (3) Board members to regularly review DA playing rules, listen to complaints from the members and implement new playing rules if needed. Be sure playing rules are not in conflict with the WDF playing rules pertaining to major International events.

(e) Appoint a games coordinator to form a sub Committee of three (3) including him/herself and review the Games of darts as conducted by DA. Make recommendations to the Board of Management for consideration.

(f) Reviews to be ongoing and carried out at least every two (2) years. No changes to the Structure, Constitution, By-Laws, Playing rules or games of Darts controlled by DA, to be implemented without the approval of the full Board of Management.


Key Issues
1. Running of DA Office
The Office of DA will be situated at the residence of the Secretary. A computer, phone, internet, answering machine and any other equipment considered necessary for the efficient running of the Office to be provided by DA. DA to be responsible for all operating costs of the equipment and all equipment to remain the property of DA.

The Secretary is responsible for record management of all DA documents and policies.

Objectives: Develop a manual of DA documents and policies for the Board of
Strategies: Update DA Documents Manual containing a copy of: DA Constitution, Bylaws, Playing rules, Codes of Conduct, all other DA policies and documents pertaining to events under the control of DA.
Targets for 2014 – 2017: Update by July each year.
The affairs of DA will progress on a daily basis but reviews and updating of the manual will be carried out no less than 2 yearly.

2. Meetings
Two (2) Delegates from each State/Territory to attend Darts Australia Annual General meeting to be held late February/early March each year.
Two Delegates from each State / Territory to attend Darts Australia Mid –Year meeting to be held immediately prior to the Australian Championships each year.

3. Communications
Ensure the Web Master is continually updating DA website with news items provided from all States/Territories where possible. Keep all results up to date where possible.
Ensure results from Senior – Under 25’s and Junior Australian Championships are updated daily while the Championships are in progress.
Ensure that results of International events which have Australian players participating are posted on the website as soon as possible.
Maintain links with other Dart orientated websites around the World. Ensure Board of Management members receive information on any relevant correspondence received by DA.

4. Accredited Sport Administrators
Objectives: Promote the State/Territories Department of Sport and Recreation
Volunteers in Sport Program.
Strategies: Promote the need for all Executive Officers of State/Territories Affiliated
Associations to attend at least one Volunteers in Sport Program.
Target for 2014-2017 Continue to have all State /Territories Affiliated Associations
Executive Officers attend volunteers in Sport Programs in their own State/Territory.

5. Membership Database
Objectives: For all State /Territories to continue to keep a complete registrar of all
affiliated players (not just Clubs or teams) to establish and maintain a correct database
of all players associated with affiliated members.
Strategies: Collation of this information to assist in the development of the Sport of

Targets for 2014-2017: Continue to have all State / Territory affiliated Associations
provide their State body with their registration data. State/Territories to compile an
accurate as possible database and upgrade each year.

6. Strategic Plan
Objectives: Review formal protocol for evaluating the Strategic Plan.

Strategies: Further develop strategic planning procedures and encourage
State/Territories Affiliated Associations to formulate a plan.
Target for 2014-2017: Review Strategic Plan each year to ensure that it effectively
supports strategies and objects of DA.


Key Issues
1. Budgeting
Objectives: Achieve financial self sufficiency. Maintain the long term financial viability of
DA, by establishing Budgets for current year and the following year.
Strategies: Identify sponsorship targets and use State / Territory membership for
sponsorship leverage. Implement the Strategic programs and projects in an orderly and
cost effective manner. Research possible funding from Government (local, State and
Federal) Sports grants and subsidies.
Targets for 2014-2017: Gain sponsorship and increase participation. Prepare budget for
2015 and 2016 and 2017

2. Financial Accounting System
Objectives: Continue with computerized financial system.

Strategies: To produce an accurate computerized financial report suitable for auditing
and to be understood by Board Members.
Targets for 20148-2017: To produce reports and budgets each year to monitor the
financial security of DA.


Key Issues
1. National Coaching Director
Objectives: Facilitate Coaching Education at levels 0, 1 and 2 Review Level 1and
Level 2 manuals by required date. Encourage Schools participation. Implement
Coordinators in Areas to conduct courses.
Strategies: Review existing programs and implement an expansion program.
Targets for 2014-2017: To review Level 1/Level2 annually for updating etc. To hold a
Coaching seminar annually. To endorse more accredited coordinators in State
/Territories. To endorse more coaches.

2. Program
Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017
Objectives: Maintain State/Territories Coaching Accreditation programs and the active
promotion of such programs. Implement a Sports Code of Ethics. Establish level 0 as
the introduction to Coaching in Schools.
Strategies: Maintain an equal standard of Coaches education throughout
State/Territories. Develop Code of Ethics at National Coaching Conferences. Develop
Structure at National Coaching Conference.
Targets for 2014-2017 Assess the coaching success levels achieved each year
and endeavor to increase the number of efficient coaches and improve their education.
Implement the level 0, level 1 and level 2 Coaching programs through Coaching
Workshops. Implement level 0 Coaching Plan with teachers conducting Dart programs
in schools..

3. Coaching Support
Objectives: Educate and accredit Coaches throughout the States/Territories affiliated
Associations through workshops. Provide an effective forum for Coaches to have input
to, and to become involved in, the program.

Strategies: To have accredited coaches in all levels within States/Territories affiliated
Associations by conducting workshops. To have Coaching Coordinators from all
States/Territories affiliated Associations attend Conferences.
Targets for 2014-2017 Successfully organise workshops and endeavour to
increase numbers attending. Conduct National Coaching Conferences annually and any
other time they are deemed necessary.


Key Issues
1. New Affiliations
Objectives: To have all Dart Associations in all States/Territories of Australia affiliated
to their State/Territory Dart Council/Association.
Strategies: To maintain Affiliated members. Approach and encourage the interest of
unaffiliated Associations. Promote the positive aspects of the Sport of Darts with funding
made available for widespread publicity.
Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017
Targets for 2014-2017: Increase the awareness of the Sport of Darts among the
general public, the business community, media and Government. Develop programs
aimed at improving the internal and external image of the Sport of Darts. Gain additional
affiliated Associations into States/Territories darts Councils/Associations. Assess
progress each year.

2. Registered Membership Numbers
Objectives: Promote Darts as a Sport for all, regardless of age, gender or social
economic circumstances.

Strategies: Assist States/Territories Affiliated Associations to endeavor to maintain
membership while working to increase and sustain the interest of all involved. Promote
the positive aspects of the Sport, with funding made available for widespread publicity.
Targets for 2014 to 2017: Develop programs aimed at improving the internal and
external image of Darts. Develop new games and competitions to interest the Public
and existing members.


Key issues

1. State Championships
Objectives: Encourage all States/Territories to maintain regular competitions of
various levels between their Affiliated Associations.
Strategies: Liaise with States/Territories Executive and help them to organise their
Affiliated Associations and conduct Championships.
Targets for 2014-2017: Successful States/Territories and National Championships.

2. National Championships
Objectives: Encourage all States/Territories to compete in the National
Championships conducted by DA for both Senior and Junior, Male and Female players.
Strategies: Encourage each State/Territory to select their best possible Senior and
Junior teams both Male and Female to travel and contest the National Championships.
Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017
Targets for 2014 – 2017: Have each State /Territory compete at the 2014/2015/2016
Senior – Under 25’s and Junior National Championships in both Male and Female

3. International Representation
Objectives: To support all Australian Players where possible to achieve competitive
success overseas in events such as the World Cup, Asia/Pacific Cup and Winmau
World Masters. Support the WDF with their attempts to have Darts included in the
Commonwealth and Olympic Games.
Strategies: Help where possible to support Players quests for sponsorship. Where
possible make financial help available.
Targets for 2014-2017: Have players represent Australia at the 2014 Asia/Pacific Cup,
the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Asia/Pacific Cup. Encourage and help players, who
qualify, to participate in the Winmau World Masters.

4. Promotion.
Objectives: To help promote the Sport of Darts as a recognized International Sport.
Strategies: Select the best possible players to represent Australia at International
events. Give guidance on player/official behavior. Encourage all Players/officials to
become good Ambassadors to promote the Sport of Darts.
Targets for 2014-2017: To select best possible players to represent Australia. Ensure
Players/officials are aware of the importance of good behavior to improve the image of
the Sport of Darts.

5. Rankings
Objectives: Provide a forum for elite players to compete for State and National
recognition through ranking systems.

Strategies: Prepare a Calendar of events for both State and National events for
players to compete in, to obtain ranking points each year.
Targets for 2014-2017: Produce and distribute a calendar of events prior to the
commencement of each year. Provide a monthly update on the ranking points.


Key Issues:

1. Promotion of Players
Objectives: Establish player profiles of any International, National and State players
for use in promotion.
Strategies: Prepare player profiles and produce media kit and distribute for release.
Targets for 2014-2017: Gain as much media exposure as possible. Nominate seniorunder
25’s -junior, male and female players for Sports awards as often as possible.

2. Promotional material
Objectives: Produce collective material to promote the Sport of Darts.
Strategies: Investigate new products of wearing apparel, stickers, caps , brochures
etc to add to any products already available.
Targets for 2014-2017 Upgrade and invest in any item suitable for sale that promotes
the Sport of Darts.

3. Internet
Objectives: Maintain and update a professionally constructed and operated webpage.
Strategies: Use webpage as newsletter to States/Territories affiliated Associations.
Establish and maintain links to States and overseas.
Targets for 2014-2017: Continue webpage and make contact with as many
States/Territories affiliated Associations as possible.

4. Magazine
Objectives: Support the development and progression of the National magazine ,
Points and Tips.
Strategies: Continually contribute information to the magazine and financially support
it. Provide reports of events and functions.

Targets for 2014-2017: Make all Players, Coaches and Administrators aware of the
importance of supporting the magazine by providing writable news and subscribing to
the magazine by purchasing a copy each edition. Encourage businesses to advertise in
the magazine.


Key Issues
1. Codes of Conduct
Objectives: Acceptable behavior standards from all Players, Officials, Coaches and
Strategies: Distribute to all States/Territories affiliated Associations, Players, Officials,
Coaches and Administrators copies of the Codes of conduct.
Targets for 2014-2017: To review policy each year and include in DA Document

2. Drugs
Objectives: Sport of Darts to be a drug free sport.
Strategies: Update drug policy on a regular basis and make it available to promote
awareness of the need for a drug free sport.
DA to follow the Policies and guidelines as set down by ASADA & WADA
Targets for 2014-2017: Review the policy and include in DA Documents Manual

3. Alcohol in Sport
Objectives: To encourage a sense of responsibility with the consumption of alcohol.
Strategies: Distribute and implement awareness program. Educate Juniors and Under
25’s in the values of not drinking alcohol.
Targets for 2014-2017: Review the policy on a regular basis and include policy in DA
Document Manual.
Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017

4. Smoking in Sport
Objectives: Promote the adverse health aspects associated with the practice of
Strategies: Maintain smoke free venues at all times. Ensure DA Board Meetings and
DA events are smoke free at all times.
Targets for 2014-2017: Review policy and include in DA Documents Manual.

5. New Policies
Objectives: Undertake a review of DA and States/Territories needs for new Policies.
Strategies: Canvas the areas for policy review.
Targets for 2014-2017: Have Sub Committees review DA Policies and prepare new

6. Other Policies
DA has in place Policies on:
 Member Protection Policies
 Social Justice and Equity
 Pregnancy
 Child Protection
 Harassment
 Infectious diseases

Player development

Key Issues
1. Development Program
Objectives: To supply quality support programs for players to advance their skills and
Strategies: Enhance opportunities for players to access a higher level of competition.
Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017
Targets for 2014-2017: Discuss ways to to increase Division levels at State/Territory
Championships. Encourage State/Territory Affiliate Associations to conduct Super
Leagues and Ranked events within their Associations.

2. Veteran Activities
Objectives: Liaise with and support the Legends Programs and events in all
Strategies: Review the activities of the Legends and make recommendations.
Targets for 2014-2017: Continue to encourage States/Territories Legends. Legends
Australia to submit a report to DA AGM each year.

3. Junior Development
Objectives: Continue to develop Coaching material in simple English, which caters for
all age groups and Coaches at levels, with priority for Junior development. Re-evaluate
Junior competitions structure.
Strategies: Develop a strategy to implement full States/Territories Affiliated
Associations participation. Develop coaching material to meet the requirements of both
teachers and parents.
Targets for 2014-2017: Publish relevant material and distribute Level 0 Coaching
Manual, course papers and course presenter’s papers. Ensure Coaching Workshops
are conducted each year and contain information pertaining to Juniors. Ensure all
persons working with Juniors have the necessary Working with Kids (police clearance)


Key Issues
1. Constitution
Objectives: Undertake review of DA current Constitution.
Strategies: Canvas need to review, and amend Constitution if necessary.
Targets for 2014-2017: Form sub Committee to review Constitution in 2015.Include in
DA Documents Manual. Submit any changes to the Ministry for Fair Trading within 30
days of the meeting endorsing the changes.
Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017

2. By-Laws
Objectives: Undertake to review the By-Laws to complement and extend the
Strategies: Identify By-Laws for inclusion in the Constitution. Review and amend ByLaws
if necessary.
Targets for 2014-2017: Form sub Committee to review prior to the Constitution review
in 2015.Include any necessary laws into Constitution after approval from Board of
Management. Include into DA Documents Manual.

3. Playing Rules
Objectives: Rules to cover Australian Championships and DA ranked events will be fair to all
and for the good of the competitions.
Strategies: Review and amend where necessary DA playing rules.
Targets for 2014-2017 Form Sub Committee to review DA playing rules. Include playing rules
in DA Documents Manual.
4. Guidelines
Objectives: To create guidelines for all DA National events.
Strategies: Provide all States/Territories with guidelines for all DA conducted events.
Targets for 2014-2017: Create guidelines and distribute to all States/Territories.
Review guidelines annually. Include guidelines in DA Documents Manual


Key Issues
1. Training
Objectives: Develop training programs for volunteers using the States/Territories State Government Volunteers in Sport program and Presenters.
Strategies: Survey current practices and implement required programs Dart Australia Inc Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017
Targets for 2014-2017: Approach State agencies. (i.e .Department of Sport and recreation) for information regards availability of programs. Advise States/Territories Councils/Associations and encourage them to participate.

2. Promotion
Objectives: Encourage States/Territories Executive, members and supporters to attend organised programs, events and functions

Strategies: Officiate the Sport of Darts as professional and skillful as possible. Targets for 2014-2017: Continue to support States/Territories promotions.