The World Darts Federation (WDF) was formed in 1976 by representatives of 15 Nations including Australia. Membership is open to the official National organizing body for Darts in all Nations. Incorporated in the USA, as a world-wide federation of darts bodies, the WDF encourages the promotion of the Sport of Darts among and between those bodies, in an effort to gain international recognition for Darts as s major Sport.

The WDF is a non-political, non racial and non-profit making organisation dedicated toward achieving and maintaining the highest possible standard of presentation and organisation, around the world. In keeping with this goal, the WDF organises the following international Cup Events.

World Cup (Odd# Years -open to all WDF Nations )

  • Americas Cup (even# years -open to WDF Nations in Americas)
  • Asia Pacific Cup (even#years -open to WDF Nations in Asia and the South Pacific)
  • Europe Cup (even #years -open to WDF Nations in Europe)

English is the official language of the WDF. The official currency is the US dollar. Currently, the WDF is comprised of more than 250,000 players, representing 60 nations across the six continents of Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America.

The WDF holds bi-annual General Membership Meetings, in conjunction with the World Cup events. Bi -annual WDF Conferences are convened during alternate years, following the Winmau World Championships, in England.

The former Darts Federation of Australia's President, the late Peter McMenamin held the position of the WDF for over 20 years.

World Cup - Hosting

Darts Australia has hosted three World Cup Events & Youth Masters. 1985 Brisbane, 1997 and 2005 Perth.

The Darts world Cup and the Youth Masters are the most prestigious events on the International Darts Calendar and was contested by 40 nations. Champion men's, Women's  Teams & Boys & Girls contested singles, pairs and Teams events to decide the ultimate Winning Nation. Approximately 1,000 international and interstate competitors, support staff and officials attend these events.

Australian World Champions

1976      Kevin White / George Foster -World Pairs Champions

1991      Wayne Weening /Keith Sullivan -World Pairs Champions

1997      Graham Hunt- World Masters Champion

1999      Harrena Williamson/Beau Anderson -World Youth Teams Champions

2001      Venus Johnson -World Girls Youth Champion

2002      Tony David -World Professional Champion

2003       Kathleen Logue/Kyle Anderson -World Youth Teams Champions

2003      Kathleen Logue/Kyle Anderson -World Youth Pairs Champions

2009      Geoff Kime / Anthony Fleet - World Darts Pairs Champions

2013       Jamie Rundle WDF Junior Singles

2013      Jamie Rundle /Tiarna Smith Youth Teams Champions

Australian Darts Championship History

The Australian Dart Championships are Australia's most prestigious darting event. Since 1980 when the Australian Championships separated from the Australasian Championships.

The origins of the Australian Dart Championships go back to 1964 when Australia and New Zealand contested the Australasian Championships. In 1962 correspondence was received by the Darts Association of South Australia from the New South Wales Darts Association asking if we would be interested in sending a team to New South Wales in 1963 if they sent a team to Adelaide in 1962. While the correspondence was being exchanged another letter arrived from the Queensland Darts Association; re forming Australian Darts Council and requesting all interested parties to attend a meeting in Sydney. This Meeting was attended by South Australia and when New Zealand attended the meeting the Australasian Darts Council was formed which ran its first Championships at the Burwood RSL Club from march the 27th to 30th 1964. From then on the Championships have been played in a different State or dominion each year until the 16th Australasian Darts Championships , which was held between the 15th-20th October 1979 at the Hellenic Club. The Darts Federation of Australia then took over the running of the Australian Darts Championships as New Zealand had become a separate country in the World Cup matches, hence the change from Australasian to Australian Championships which have been conducted in different states and territories since then.

DFA Membership (now Darts Australia)

There are eight active members in the DFA, these are the States/Territories of Australia . The Members of the Active Members make up the playing members or ordinary members, the Representative members are those who are selected to represent DFA in International Events. Legends Australia is an affiliate membership of DFA. Darts Australia has several Life Members (listed in the Life Members List).

At this time Northern Territory (2016) come under the Charter held by Darts Australia.


The Darts Federation of Australia Inc in 1999 was the first member country of the WDF to introduce a Doping Policy, this Policy was developed in conjunction with the Australian Sports Drug Agency and introduced Drug tests at the 2000 Australian Championships. The WDF adopted the Australian "Doping Policy" in 2002 and has introduced the Policy to the remainder of the WDF Members.

The Darts Federation of Australia Inc was the first WDF Member to introduce a "Coaching Program and manuals for Level o , Level 1, Level 2. Therefore our recognition by the Australian Sports Commission is a vital part of DFA. DFA presented the Coaching Program to the WDF and Member Countries at a Special workshop during the WDF World Cup in Perth . WDF members showed great interest in adopting the DFA program .

Each year (July/August)a State/ Territory hosts the Australian Darts Championships on behalf of DFA. Each State / Territory sends teams to compete .Australian Representative players are selected to represent DFA at the World Cup or Asia Pacific Cup (depending on the year )and players also travel to England to represent in the Winmau World Master each year.

The junior Darts Championships are also held each year in January. States send their teams to participate in this prestige event. The Australian Youth master is also played at this event .Two players one Boy and one Girl are selected to represent Australia and DFA at the World Youth Masters held in conjunction with the WDF World Cup.

The Name Darts Federation Of Australia was changed to align with Sports Organisations as recommended by Australian Sports Commission to enable better communication avenues.

Coaching Programs

Each State/ Territory runs a Coaching Program for their Members . Queensland and Western Australia have introduced Darts into Schools Programs which have been very successful. These program were developed to assist children learn basic numeracy , hand eye coordination and to play and enjoy a skilled sport . The Teachers are required to complete Level O coaching program and the State Coaching Director assists with the Program.

Hotshots Boards and Soft tip Darts are in use in schools.

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