Hall of Fame – (Women)


The following have been inducted into the Darts Australia Hall of Fame for their achievements and contributions to the game of darts.

Hall of Fame - (Women)

2007 Marlene Gray (deceased) Administrator
2007 Ruth Pustvarh Player
2007 Kerry Jacobs (Slattery)   (deceased) Player
2007 Ivy Hampton Player
2007 Barbara Fletcher (deceased) Player
2007 Pat Roberts Player
2007 Margaret Plapp Player
2007 Pauline Munday Player
2007 Cherry Bradshaw Player
2007 Marie Banks Player
2008 Eileen Foster/Wilson Player
2008 Alison Falconer Administrator
2008 Pam Burr Player
2008 Mavis Nicholson Player
2008 Leanne Faulkner Player
2008 Dot Spiller Player
2008 Tracey Anderson Player
2008 Sheila Bolton Administrator
2008 Louise Ball Player
2009 Dot McLeod Player
2009 Betty Hislop Administrator
2010 Dot Voakes  
2012 Carol Forwood Player
2014 Geraldine Hutchinson Administrator
2015 Wendy Sinclair Administrator
2017 Corinne Hammond Player