2022 Peter Mac Cup

On Tuesday, the 9th of August, the state teams for the Peter McMenamin Cup finished up their games. For two days, the men and ladies state teams from Australia (VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, ACT, TAS and WA) competed against each other to try and win the Cup.

In the ladies event, the Darts Queensland Gold Team were victorious against the South Australian Green Team. The Queenslanders won the event 9-2.

Congratulations to Queensland Gold’s Jackie Marks, Lorraine Burn, Chrissy Sheeri and Venus Johnson.
Well played, South Australia green’s Lynn Morrison, Abbey Morrison, Alecia Ritchie and Kym Mitchell.

In the Men’s event, the Western Australian Gold Team were able to take out the trophy. The game was a close 9-8 against the runners-up, the men’s South Australia Green Team. How unlucky for South Australia!

Peter Mac Men’s Winners West Australia Gold team – Dylan Dunster ,Dave Burke, Michael Beswick and Howard Jones.
Peter Mac Men’s Runners up South Australia Green Team – Peter Machin, Aaron Morrison, Gary Kennedy and Rob Modra.

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