2022 Ladies Double Australian Championship

The 2022 Ladies Doubles event had some great matches with even better players! On Wednesday the 10th of August, a winner was decided and crowned champion.

Victoria’s Tori Kewish & Jo Hadley were partners that made it through to the final, defeating Abbey Morrison and Jules Taylor in straight sets 4-0. Their opposition was Queensland duo Maureen Homer & Jackie Marks, who also played their way into the final by beating Leanne Clegg & Monica Ribeiro 4-2 to get there.

With one set each to start of the final, the game was set to be neck and neck to decide who would win the game. 2019 winner Kewish however fired herself and Hadley up to outplay their QLD opponents and win the game 5-1. Congratulations to Kewish & Hadley for winning, and Homer & Marks for making it all the way to the final!

Ladies Doubles Winner – Jo Hadley and Tori Kewish
Ladies Doubles Runners-Up – Jackie Marks and Maureen Homer

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